About the Firm

We are a law firm serving the health sector.

Kate’s mission is bringing the law to life. Life is complex, real, emotional, messy, and full of opportunities. Kate takes legal theory and makes it understandable, accessible and fun.

Kate explains the ever-changing and highly-regulated world of health care so that you feel empowered in your role. She provides timely legal advice, creates practical reference materials for you to use, and delivers powerful training sessions so you and your team understand the law and keep moving forward.


  1. Fairness. We do what is right even when it isn’t the easy choice.
  2. Fun. We believe that a sense of light heartedness can help even the most complex of situations.
  3. Abundance. We see past real and imagined limitations to find possibilities and opportunities in every situation.
  4. Compassion. We believe that everyone deserves respect and the right to be seen without judgment.