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TIME Self-Assessment for lawyers

What is the issue lawyers complain about the most? Time. What should lawyers be thinking about? Time, sure.  How to be more efficient, productive, effective. Money? Yes. But what else? What if we evaluated our success in four categories: Time, Impact, Money and Experiences. T.I.M.E. Time and Money we already know and measure. Impact relates… Read more »

2nd Annual Book Review

What was your favourite read of 2017?  I have four books I would highly recommend. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron By far my favourite book of 2017.  This is a 12-week course on unlocking your creativity and finding the artist that is inside all of us.  If it seems familiar, it might be. This… Read more »

Space: My final frontier

Have you ever heard the phrase: “time is the great equalizer”? What does that even mean? I have heard it used like this: No matter who you are – how successful you are – your status in the world – you cannot create more time. We each have only 24 hours a day. 7 days… Read more »

Coaching creates pathways to magic

Last week, I was the keynote speaker at the Law Society of Ontario’s Coach and Advisor Network first anniversary party – called “CANfest 2017”. I share my speaking notes in this blog so you can get a window into what can happen through coaching.  Enjoy! Coaching creates pathways to magic I want to begin my… Read more »

As a lawyer, how should you choose your coach?

Note I didn’t ask the question “do you need a coach?” Because you do. We all do. I have been receiving business coaching for more than five years. Every quarter I go to Strategic Coach in Toronto and meet my tribe of entrepreneurs and we talk business, delegation, and utilizing our Unique Ability. We get coached… Read more »