I’m Kate Dewhirst.

Here are six things you should know...

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Kate Dewhirst Health Law - bringing the law to life.

I’m a health lawyer in Toronto

I'm a strong and passionate advocate for improving our healthcare system by making things simpler for those who work in it.

These are my clients

Hospitals, family health teams, mental health centres, nurse practitioner-led clinics, community health centres, birth centres and all sorts of healthcare organizations.

You and I will fix it together

Disputes in health care are messy and complicated, and worries about the law will eat your time and sap your energy. Whatever the problem is, my nineteen years in healthcare law will help us fix it together.

Access a teacher, motivator and speaker

A disengaged and uninterested team leads to poor outcomes. Let me re-sparkle your people with my group and individual teaching and training.

I know health privacy

Privacy breaches can destroy clinical relationships and risk the loss of your reputation, court action, and claims for damages. You can't roll back the clock, but I will help you move forward.

I have awesome free stuff

Tour my brain at no charge by reading my award-winning blog and take away as much as you can carry. Then raid this page for more freebies.

My clients are located all across the province.

I work in small communities, not just the big towns. (OK, that was seven things.)

Now, you tell me something
and you could win a free hat.

Every so often I write a newsletter with information about healthcare privacy, changes in legislation and other things you want to know. Tell me your email address and I'll send it to you. For each newsletter I write, I'll send one person on my mailing list a free Kate Dewhirst Health Law “it depends” wooly hat (no purchase necessary). It might as well be you!

Everybody, meet the team.

This is Senior Legal Advisor, Megan Ferrier. Megan helps me keep my legal advice accurate, precise, and up to date. Megan is both brilliant and kind.

This is Melissa Martin, my Office Magician. She runs my office, makes appointments for me and organizes my events. Melissa is a creative problem-solver.

Contact me.

Every website needs a contact form - here’s mine. If you think you might need legal advice, or training, if you want to know more or if you’re just having a bad day and want to tell someone about it, please get in touch.

Kate Dewhirst Health Law

Bringing the law to life.


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Please do not send any urgent, sensitive or confidential information from this website. Contacting me, sending me an email or completing a request for me to contact you will not make me your lawyer. That's because there are rules I have to follow to determine whether I can advise you. There may be situations where I cannot act for you because of a conflict of interest or if I do not have the expertise you need. You are not a client unless and until I have agreed to act for you in which case I will write to you to explain how I work and my legal terms and conditions. By clicking “Send” you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and that Kate Dewhirst is not yet retained to represent you.

Some of Kate’s recent and upcoming events

Health Privacy Officer training
April 28, 2020

For Privacy Officers within healthcare organizations - now totally online.

This course focuses on how to become a more confident privacy officer and gives you the tools to document your privacy program. Full details and registration here...

Primary care webinars: Employment Law Update & Legal Issues for EDs and Board members

Part of Kate’s monthly webinar series.

Our April program is on COVID-19 and the May program will address governance tips and tricks.
Full details of the 2020 webinar series and registration here.

Free healthcare privacy webinar - ask me anything!
the first Wednesday of every month (Next up: May 6 and June 3)

Free webinars - advance registration needed

Whether you're an experienced privacy officer or new in the field, pick Kate’s brain for free for an hour, in this live webinar. No charge, but you’ll need to register in advance.

Team Privacy Training Events
March 31, April 17, May 6, June 17

For Primary Care clinics, Hospitals, Community Agencies and Children’s Aid

Kate trains health professionals from many more health care organizations how being privacy-respectful can improve therapeutic relationships. More details...

Kate Dewhirst Health Law

Kate says:

My mission is bringing the law to life. I make legal theory understandable, accessible and fun! I’m available and love to work for all organizations in the healthcare sector across Ontario and beyond.

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