TedTalks your health care team can watch about privacy

Are you a Privacy Officer for a health care organization and do you struggle to find interesting videos to keep privacy top of mind for your team?

Here are four TedTalks that you and your team might find interesting:

  1. Why privacy matters – have you heard the phrase “If you aren’t doing anything wrong – you should have nothing to hide”? This TedTalk challenges us to think about our own interest in personal autonomy in an age of surveillance.
  2. Let’s pool our medical data – ever wonder what health research is all about?
  3. What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd? – get frustrated with having to change your password all the time? here’s why you are asked to do so.
  4. What will a future without secrets look like? – this will make you change what you post online!
  5. Think your email is private? think again – how encryption makes your email communication safe