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Join our Team! Hiring an Office Magician

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We are excited to recruit an additional administrative member who is eager to showcase their ability to support, collaborate and grow within an entrepreneurial team.

This is a shared position between Kate Dewhirst Health Law and Something Orange Training Inc. Salary will be negotiated depending on experience. This could be either a 4 or 5 day per week position. Please submit a PDF resume and cover letter to Melissa Martin at melissa@katedewhirst.com by May 10th before 5pm.

We need a candidate who can:


  • All support for accounts payable and receivable including to prepare pre-bills, send client invoices, record payments and expenses , and follow up on overdue invoices (we use two different billing software programs)
  • Liaise with our bookkeeper and accountant

Tech Support:

  • Support trainers on Zoom, GotoWebinar and Microsoft Teams – organizing breakout rooms and accommodation of people who need special service in the session
  • Monitor, manage and stay up to date with our online systems and technology to support all team members including QuickBooks, Cosmolex, Outlook, Microsoft Suite, Adobe, Google docs, Zoom, GoToWebinar, Moodle, Mailchimp, word press, Survey Monkey, Monday.com, Slack and others
  • Data entry in workflows and update workflows and train on workflows for new staff
  • Liaise with external consultants on automation efforts and with IT service providers

Document design and formatting:

  • Formatting and making things beautiful including Excel spreadsheets and large word and PDF documents and working with Fiverr consultants and update website content of upcoming events
  • Collaborate with our external marketing coordinator on all social media/marketing initiatives


Please note: We do not currently have an office during the pandemic. If we have a future office, the candidate must be able to be onsite at the office in Toronto, Ontario in order to:

  • Greet clients and visitors and distribute the mail (assist with client mailouts) and liaise with landlord
  • Maintain supplies, furniture and kitchen and arrange for catering and clean the rooms before and after onsite events

The successful candidate will have strong organizational, administrative and time management skills, be proactive, and be eager to learn and grow in a dynamic, ever-evolving environment. This position is perfect for you if your natural instincts are to: see a project through to completion; identify inaccuracies; ask questions and confirm observations; rearrange transactions to speed up the process and design repeating patterns, sequential steps and procedures. This position is not good for you if your natural instincts are to: stick with what’s working without questioning how it could be better; abandon projects after you start them; generalize; or provoke the unforeseen.

About Kate Dewhirst Health Law and Something Orange Training Inc.

We are a law firm and training company for the health sector. Our clients are mostly  primary care teams, hospitals, and mental health agencies but we also work for the child welfare sector, school boards and police departments.

Our Values

  1. Improvise.

Like the first rule of improv, we take a “yes, and” approach to our work. We are inspired by experience, creativity and collaboration to find workable solutions. We accept everything that is brought to us. We accept it no matter who brought it up. We listen and suspend judgement. And…we then build directly upon what we receive.  Sometimes that is to take it further. Sometimes we build by taking what we receive apart.  There are no final mistakes – there is only, what do we do now?

  1. Do what’s right.

We are guided by fairness and decency. We believe in manners. We do not take advantage of others – even if no one is looking or will notice.  We notice.  We know the difference between right and wrong and choose right even when it is the harder thing to do.

  1. Have fun.

We take our work seriously and ourselves lightly.  We look for the humour in all situations and strive to lighten dark places. We support each other so we can enjoy what we do. We have workplace theme songs.  We do karaoke.  If someone says “stop” – someone finishes with “in the name of love”. There is no eye rolling allowed – eye-rollers are executed. If we don’t like a suggested team activity we suggest another fun activity we can all do instead. Buzz killers are not invited to our team.

  1. Be kind.

We treat others with compassion and non-judgement.  We presume people are trying their best and look for the good in what they are doing. We take care of ourselves so we aren’t jerks to others.

  1. Generate.

We believe there is enough for everyone and if there isn’t – we create more.  Where there is dense competition, we find our own lane and we proceed to win. Time, energy and clients are expandable and renewable resources through focus, delegation, and technology.

  1. List.

We record what we do. We communicate with each other and we scale our services through thoughtful business documentation. We think about the experience of what we are doing and we write it out. We make lists. We do what’s on the list.  We tell each other what’s on our lists. We say if we can’t do what’s on our list.  We make sure the right people are on the right list.  We change the list when it’s not working or we make it even better.

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